Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Work Road Trip Check-In

So I thought I'd let you all know I'm alive and well just in case you were wondering. And I know you all were. Haha

I've been having lots of fun doing something new for my job. I've driven almost 600 miles all over Wyoming. Done a bunch of recruiting for the place I work at. Stayed in a place one night  that reminded me of the Bates Motel. I hoped there was no chocolate syrup in my vacinity. I'm a little sick of restaurant and fast food. Afraid to check my weight when I get home. I've swam a couple times, even pulled a muscle in my arm in the process. Does that mean I'm a wimp? To be honest, I haven't been sleeping very well with not being in my own bed. But alas, I'm still wide awake while driving. It's all because of audio books. I first listened to Austenland by Shannon Hale and now I'm working on The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. Love those two books; thought they'd keep me entertained on the road.  And I forgot how much I like speed while driving. Passing cars is fun!

Well, I hope this check-in has been somewhat entertaining. Have a great day or night or whatever time it is where you're at. 

Friday, September 23, 2011

This Week...

This week has been a bit of a downer for me. I've been sick. Blast the evil ailment that has invaded my life and is still trying to weasel its way into my mortality. I could very well kick its sneering little head for interrupting an it-could-have-been-a-great week. No probs. Slowly but surely I’m starting to feel a little bit more like myself: a delightful ball of fun. Uh, maybe I won’t go that far.

Anyway, just wanted to check in on this lovely Friday and say hi.

So, “Hi!”

It doesn’t feel like Friday at all, however. I haven’t actually worked a full day at work this week due to the above mentioned demonic uprising of a sickness that has overcome me. Thus, it has more or so felt like a week of blah-ness. I’ve slept a lot and watched a lot of T.V. Fun! But I did manage to write some chapters in my WIP. That's an achievement.

Well, all next week I’m going to be out of town for work. I will try to post on my regular Tuesday and Friday even if it’s only some photos of me in Wyoming waving to some tumbleweed. Stay tuned. haha 

How has your week been? Hopefully better than mine!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Back in the Saddle Again

I’ve been so focused on rewriting, revising, and editing my book Félicité Found that I’ve forgotten how much fun the creation process of writing can be.

Last week, I started working on my next project. Yippee! I’ve only written a few chapters, but I’m already in love with the story. I adore typing word after word to craft my idea into an intangible reality. Writing is liberating. Fun. And to finally bring my story and characters to life is entertaining. I find myself giggling occasionally or wanting to cry. And a pretty big plot hole I couldn’t figure out how to fill during outlining was solved right as I was lettering out a scene. Inspiration comes at the most random moments. I love it.

One thing that I’m happy about my second book is that I have so many more tools under my belt that I didn't have with my first book. I have a greater understanding of many of the crucial aspects of writing. I feel more confident this time around. And I hope that it won’t take as long to write.

I love writing!

While I’m querying, it’s a great way to distract myself from the long and sometimes agonizing process.

How is writing going for you? I hope very well.

Friday, September 16, 2011

You and only YOU!

I received some valuable advice a while ago that has stuck with me. It is . . .

The only person who can sell your book is you!

I’ve taken that suggestion very seriously. If I want be published, then I’VE got to put in the effort. No one else can do it. Of course an agent and/or publisher are helpful. But, even then I plan on working my butt off.

Here are some tips I thought of that might help you sell your book:

Write it. How much more plain can it be. Yep, you gotta put in the time, if you wanna make the dime. Ok, lame rhyme, I know.

Edit, edit some more, then edit a whole lot more. Your book has to shine, and revisions are the way to achieve that lofty goal. This also includes having critique partners and beta writers. They definitely will catch things that you didn’t—that will make it tons better. Writing a story takes a lot of time, but it’s worth it.

I’ve said this multiple times, but I’m going to say it again. Social network. It will get your name out there, especially if you aren’t published yet. I use Twitter and my blog. I’ve found much success using these platforms.

Have a great network of supportive writing friends. Writing and querying can take a toll on an author. Keep in touch with these people. They’re going through the same rollercoaster ride as you are. They can empathize with you. And likewise, you will help them.

Take time away from your manuscript. Some detachment can result in fresh eyes. I’ve found that distancing myself away from my book has helped me notice typos or parts that can be fixed, things I didn’t see before. This is a great tool.

Keep on querying. Don’t let the rejections overcome your desire to have a published book—your book. Yes, you can own the gloomy feelings for a while, but then pick yourself up. I’ve spent many an evening laying on the couch super depressed, not wanting to do anything else but watch T.V. But I got over it. Remember: rejections are a part of the journey to sell your book.

I hope these tips have been helpful. The only person who can sell your book is definitely YOU!

What do you suggest doing in regards to this subject?

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Me. And. Skinny Jeans.

A month or so ago, one of my co-workers got me into the some stylish clothing styles. And bargain shopping, for that matter.

Okay, I’ll admit it: I adore skinny jeans, now. I never thought I would, because I’m not the typical person to follow the trends. I’m glad I’ve caved into the current dress fads, though. It’s not like I run around dressed in a potato sack by all means. If I could, I’d wear pajamas all day long. I’m all about being comfortable.

It’s great to fit in, now. At least with how I dress, of course.

This is a random thing to share, I know. Just thought I’d pass on the new development in my life.

Have a stylish and trendy day!

Friday, September 9, 2011

The Power of Creation

My last post was about the hiking adventure I took on Monday. It got me thinking about something important to me: creation.

The world is beautiful in so many ways. It’s awe-inspiring. I thought about the towering trees around me on my hike; the birds chirping in the blue, cloud-filled sky; the rush of the bubbly water flowing into a rippling creek; and the pretty yellow flowers with white tips. They all started as something small, then grew into something majestic. I enjoyed being there, taking in the fresh air and glories of nature.

I’ve fallen in love with many parts of the world: be it the Great Wall of China, a temperate beach on the Cinque Terre, the dark green pines dotting Portland, Oregon’s landscape, or even my own backyard.

Being an author, I've had the great opportunity to create. I adore crafting a story in which people can enjoy. My characters are real to me. If I wanted to look crazy, I’d talk to them at the grocery store or the local park. My mind is glittered with ideas. Putting them on paper is exhilarating, yet, agonizing at times.

I’ve read many books that have helped me to hide away for a few hours in a different place with diverse people or creatures. I’m thankful for the authors who’ve spent countless hours perfecting their idea for it to reach my eyes, mind.

Creation starts with a small idea that grows into something larger, bigger than we could ever think it could be. My book, Félicité Found, sprouted from a mere dream. The idea stuck with me for weeks until one sleepless night the plot expanded in my mind like a flower ready to blossom. I’ve loved it ever since; sometimes hated it, too, but all good things take hard work for it to be successful.

Continue to work hard on your creations. They may be writing a story, painting a picture, plucking the strings of a guitar, or planted roses in your garden.

There is power in creation. It enriches not only your life, but the lives of countless others.

Cinque Terre (middle photo) Copyright Julia King 2011

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Nature Time

I’ve been so busy this summer with writing and the whole slew of other things going on in my life that I haven’t had the chance to do any hiking. Typically, during the summer I go backpacking and hiking, however, that hasn’t been a luxury this time around. But I went on a hike yesterday. Finally! At least I got one outdoor adventure this season.

It was enjoyable to get away from noise of the hustle and bustle, to have some sort of break from life.

I loved the rushing, free-flowing sound of waterfalls and the river. The stillness of environment was much needed. And it felt like an achievement once I got back to civilization.

What do you do to get away from life for a while?

Photography Copyright Julia King 2011

Friday, September 2, 2011

Don't Judge a Book by Its Cover

I started reading Heist Society by Ally Carter the other day. I'm liking it lots. I have to admit the only reason why I chose to read this book was its cover. When I saw it, I knew I HAD to read it. Of course, I checked out the synopsis of it on GoodReads; that made me want to read it all the more. Look at it peeps...
Isn't it fantastic???
I bought Twilight for the same reason (btw, this was before it was the craze).

I've noticed that book covers have become amazing as of late. I swear a book cover can sell the book. Here are a few I've particularly loved and have made me read the book:

Which covers have encouraged you to read the book?